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With PS4 architecture being pretty close to a regular PC it is only a matter of time that all the emulators for playing MAME, SNES roms, N64 or even PS1 and PS3 games will be ported to Playstation 4. With Sony ignoring the calls for the inclusion of backward compatibility with al least the PS3 games it is about time we took things in our own hands and modded the PS4s to run emulated rom versions of all the previous generation of video game consoles. Of all the current gen consoles PS4 is surely the one taht can pull this of.

Playstation 4 Emulators

And running a full blown verison of PS4 Linux would be a giant first step in accomplishing full 100% backward compatibility!

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Things you need to know about setting up and playing Playstation 2 titles on your PC with the help of PCSX2

The PCSX2 was designed to be the most complete and fully operational emulator for Sony Playstation 2. Every time a new version and patch is out, it accommodates more titles while making sure that it remains stable and fast.

If you want to know more information about this emulator, just visit its official website. It is quite easy to use and there are always new posts in the forum section every single day. This has already paid off in the form of encouraging a community of gamers and other interested individuals to ask for help and give advice, whichever is necessary. This active interaction in the community is said to help develop things in the emulator. Among the benefits of these things is that you can save yourself from the emotional stress of being disappointed and frustrated.

The emulator allows you to simply insert a PS2 game into the CD/DVD drive so you can start playing the game on the computer.

This article is written to review the Freeware PCSX2 and help you with things such as downloading, installing, configuring, and running it on your computer.

Before you do anything, don’t forget that we don’t advice you to do illegal things, such as download ROM or BIOS images.

PCSX2 Games

Emulators are measured by the games that they support. If you want to take a look at what games you can play using this emulator, just visit its official website. There, you can find a list of compatible games. You will know more about each game’s status and the list is likely color coded to make it easier for anyone to read the list. Here are the meanings of the colors that you can see in the list:

  • Green. It can be played.
  • Blue. It can still be played but it has issues with crashes and odd bugs.
  • Orange. It can show you logos but you can’t play the game.
  • Yellow. It can help you find the game’s menus but not play the game.
  • Red. It does not play at all.

However, there is a disclaimer about how the compatibility list does not contain the latest information about the games and their condition. It’s recommended to try the games yourself without having to depend much on the last. It’s your own trial that will show you which game works and which doesn’t.




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